Last Minute Tips for a Healthy & Blessed Thanksgiving

As the count down to the Thanksgiving meal evolves, take a deep breath and focus on the company rather than the food. Think of fun ways to interact that don’t involve food–take a walk, play a game, do a craft, etc.

When food is the focus, think about cutting the fat and sodium where possible:

  • Try¬†a fat free and reduced sodium stock or broth–try Swanson.
  • Use a fat skimmer to rid the turkey drippings of fat and make a low fat gravy.
  • Try a Soy Nog rather than regular Egg Nog to cut calories and fat.
  • Use a low fat and sodium canned cream or mushroom soup for casseroles.
  • Prepare stuffing with whole grain bread for added fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Substitute egg whites for whole eggs and evaporated skim milk for cream in your pumpkin pie recipe.
  • Serve cut up raw veggies with a low fat dip for an appetizer.

Enjoy your holiday! Count your blessings!

For more thoughts on Healthy Holiday Foods and to access a Tip Sheet on 10 Healthy Holiday Foods go to

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